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Colorín on the Go is a free web app from Colorín Colorado.

Learn how to access it and make it easy to come back to on your device!

This guide includes the following topics:

Video: Introducing Colorín on the Go!

Introducing Colorín on the Go!

Access and Sharing

How do I find Colorín on the Go?

Visit from any mobile device or your computer. You can also use this QR code:

QR code for Colorin on the Go

How do I share resources from my device?

Click on the resource you want to share. At the bottom of your screen, click on the "Share" button and then choose the platform you want to use for sharing:

Toolbar for COTG

Do I need to download anything from an app store?

COTG app icon

There's no need to download anything and you can access Colorín on the Go from any browser on any kind of device.

You can also add a short cut on your device by following the instructions below.

Adding a Short Cut to My Home Screen: iOS

Use Safari to open Colorín on the Go on your iPhone or iPad. (Other browsers vary in their ability to create short cuts on Apple devices, so we recommend using Safari for this step.)

First, tap on the Share button at the bottom of your screen in Safari:

iOS Action Button

This will present you with a menu that includes "Add to Home Screen":

Add to Home Screen

Tap this option, and you will now have a handy icon on your home screen to make it easy to come back to Colorín on the Go!

Adding a Short Cut to My Home Screen: Android

If using Google Chrome for Android, you should see a prompt when you visit Colorín on the Go for the first time. Simply click on this prompt to install the icon:

Prompt to install the app seen in Google Chrome.

If you don't see the prompt, or you're using a browser like Firefox, you can add a short cut by clicking the "More" menu to the right of the address bar (usually displayed as three vertical dots):

Click the three vertical dots in the address bar to open the "More" menu.

Clicking this button will open a menu. Click on the "Install" option to add a short cut to Colorín on the Go:

The "More" menu has a link to install the app.

Note: Different browsers and devices may vary in their settings on Android operating systems. Also, you may need to swipe up on your Android device to close the app.